The RX Fire Effects team has over 50 years of combined experience, including years of federal wildland firefighting.


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Justin's prior experience as a wildlife technician and wildland firefighter with the US Forest Service allowed him to gain experience in timber management and harvesting, wildlife management related to habitat sustainability, engineering equipment operation, and wildland firefighting at its highest level.  He brings all of the expertise he gained in his 15-year federal career to RX Fire Effects to assist federal and state agencies and private landowners in their own projects.  A Mount Crawford native, Justin earned his degree in Biology/Fish and Wildlife Management from Tennesee Tech University in 2007.


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Brian's passion for conservation and land management was put to good use during his six years serving with the US Forest Service.  During that time, the Shenandoah Valley native gained experience in a number of areas, including engineering, wildlife management, and wildland firefighting.  He is excited to bring his prescribed fire expertise to bear more widely as an economical solution for land management.


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Kim was raised in Augusta County, Virginia, and graduated from Virginia Tech in 2012 with a bachelor’s degree in Fisheries Science and a minor in Soil and Watershed Management.  He has four years of experience with the US Forest Service in recreation and wildlife and wildland fire.  Since 2016, he has planted trees for the Mule Deer Foundation in southern Idaho.