How we prepare

We want what you want:  Safe, quick, and low-cost burns.  Here's what we do to make that happen:

  • We construct firebreaks that are equivalent in width to at least twice the height of the fuels surrounding them.  The wider, the better!  We don't skimp on fire line construction to reduce the chance that your fire escapes our set boundaries.

  • We prepare the burn unit with the following actions:  mowing, lea-blowing, raking, removal of sticks and leaves.

  • We remove small flammable structures, trash, and debris from the burn unit. 

  • We identify water sources on site, including spigots, ponds, and streams.

  • We plan with you on areas that need special protection from fire, heat, or smoke.

  • We identify hazards within or near the burn unit, including power poles, fuel tanks, etc.

  • We form a plan with you on neighbor notification.

What we provide

On a "turnkey" prescribed fire (one where we are heading up the entire operation), we provide service from approval to completion: 

  • Burn boss, firing boss, personnel for holding

  • Communications equipment

  • UTVs with and/or without water

  • Type 7 engine with water

  • All NWCG-qualified personnel with prior prescribed burning experience

  • Burn plan, smoke permits, and other documentation.

Our services are also available on an a la carte basis for those who want to be involved with the burn.  Contact us to talk through your project needs!